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Sunday, November 2, 2014

BIG news! Getting the deets from Deek!

As my lady, Erin Rhew, announced on her blog this morning, we are getting married...SOON!!!
Erin and I discover our big day is soon to arrive!

Right now I am proofing the print copy of The Prophecy, and as you may or may not know I am very likely the world's slowest reader. My changes are due Wednesday, but I am so excited I had to take a few minutes and spill a few of the deets. :-)

Yesterday my friend, who is taking the pictures for our wedding, stopped by and we had a pre-wedding photo shoot. He and his assistant were here for almost five hours! Yep! Erin and I have zero problem being the subjects of a photographer's lens. Most of that time we spent trying to make me look good, cause, let's face it, Erin is naturally beautiful and elegant.

Before he arrived, we did a little pre-shopping trip to a second-hand store. I love Erin in this one so much I'm including it too.
A little shopping trip to the second-hand store where Erin scored a purple velvet coat and shirt. Seriously awesome!

While our photographer was doing his thang, I snapped a few pics too! Here are some of my favs!

The dress is serious, the setting is serious, but my lady is still my lady!

Ummmm just stunning.

My love gets jiggy with it!



No matter how serious the situation, we still manage to have fun. Here I captured my bride-to-be doing a little jig!

Finally, our photographer sent over a sneak peak at what he captured with his professional equipment and know-how.

But, in the end, after the dress and the suit, the people and the pomp, it's still just me and my lady.

Here is the first song I sent to Erin. After all this time, the lyrics still work. I just want to get more and more tangled up with her.

Check back here later to keep getting the deets from Deek!


  1. Love, I never get tired of that song. It still touches my heart, even more now than it did then. I can't wait to be your wife. I love you!

  2. Same here, my love. I can't wait to be your husband. I love you!