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Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday's Song

Today is the final day of sharing songs that are special to us. It has been a crazy, exciting week. I have been journeying through the songs Erin and I added to our playlist and the pictures we have taken. So before I get on to my final song choice for the week, if you haven't already read about our BIG news! Stop for a few minutes and get caught up.

The run down:
My Sunday post: BIG news! Getting the Deets from Deek.
Erin's Sunday post: BIG news!

Monday's post from me: Monday's Song
Monday's post from Erin: Erin's Rhewsings

Tuesday's post from me: Tuesday's Song
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Wednesday's post from me: Wednesday's Song
Wednesday's post from Erin: Wednesday's Song

Thursday's post from me: Thursday's Song
Thursday's post from Erin: Thursday's Song

This is a little sample of what my journey with Erin has been like. Sweet little notes. Kisses. Looks. Small touches. Cuddling. Kind words.

On this final day of our special song week, the one word that I can sum up what my life is like with my lady is "loving." It's in everything we do. We talked about how we've each dreamt of a relationship where each person wakes up and thinks "What can I do for the other person today? How can I make them feel special? How can I make them feel loved." I've always wanted that, but I never thought I'd find it. 

But now that I have it, it begs the question: Is it as good as I dreamed of, hoped for, longed for? 

Answer: No....It's a million times better. Every day I try and make my lady feel special. To know that she is loved and cared for, but no matter how much I give I don't feel like I can give her back as much as she gives me. I am beyond beyond lucky to get to love Erin and infinitesimally lucky she loves me.

I've always wanted a song. Something that represented us. When That Song came on the radio we would look at each other or touch hands and have a little moment. Because that's what life is, you know. It's a million little moments. The milestones, the big things are just markers and something to look forward to, but in between trips and parties or whatever the big markers are in your life, are hundreds of thousands of minutes. Enjoy those. Make the most of them. They are the real journey. Don't turn your back on the times you have dinner or sit side-by-side or even doing chores together.

I suppose living so far apart for so long really made us appreciate doing things together. Even cooking and cleaning are not really chores if you have your partner to do them with. So take your partner in your arms and spin them around the kitchen to a song you both like. Empty the dishwasher together. Fold the laundry together. Randomly take selfies while waiting in line or in the lobby at the doctor's office. Turn off the TV and just talk about nothing and everything. Sometimes it takes some effort because there are SO many things that compete for our attention, but remember to always take that time and spend it together. It's the journey that's the reward. 

This song I've chosen is It's Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It's Erin and I's song. The one we touch hands to when it comes on the radio. Below are some of the adventures that Erin and I have been on together. Start the tune and join us on this journey.

It's been a long road

Live long and prosper

Daaaaang she's a fine looking lady!

Wut? Wut?

Must look at the camera, not at my lady <repeat over and over>

Just goofing off...as always.

Sneaking a smooch!

At the park with my lady

4th of July serious selfie

Our engagement! Woop! Woop!

Even though these blog posts have been to the world, really, Erin, they have been to you. I want you to know how incredibly much I love and adore you. I am beyond proud to be your fella and am uber lucky that I get the chance to love you.

#Always Your j

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