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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh, What a Weekend!

OMH! Where to begin? So much has happened since my last post. Erin and I have been on a ton of adventures since Friday. We've met new people, battled salsa dancers, and dodged drunks in the dark streets of the city. We've eaten cold nachos and donuts at 1 in the morning, dined at the White House, and gotten massages and tattoos....and that was just the weekend!

Okay, so I'll start at the beginning with the best news ever...Erin and I got MARRIED on Friday!!! Woop! I am easily the luckiest man in the world. This lady makes me uber happy!!

We have only gotten a few of the pictures back from our photographer, Adriel Henderson, but this is one of my favs:

Erin and I on our wedding night
Our 1895 Victorian home has two carriage houses. Originally we had thought we'd get married in the larger of the two, but in the end we opted to to have the ceremony in our living room.

Risking all sortsa bad luck stigmas, a week before the ceremony, we dressed in our finest and spent a happy afternoon posing and primping for our shutterbug.

Erin and I looking very southern and proper

Okay, so that is all we have of our formal wedding pics so far. More are being processed and we shall post a blog (or two!) with the pics. So, on to our honeymoon adventures!

The where! We stayed at the White House.

This place was all kindsa beautiful!
The White House on the first night we arrived

Oh this little place? It's our country villa. We come here to get away from it all.

On the grand staircase. Sort of reminds of the one from Titanic

The formal living room

Erin plays me a little diddy on the baby grand

Our dining hall

Erin lording over her minions from the head of the table

Tried the iPhone's panoramic feature. It kinda looks like it's in an aquarium

On Saturday we got a couple's massage--totally recommend!!--from a VERY zen, VERY Portland couple, then we hit the big city. Here are some image from our fun.

My beautiful bride gazing out our hotel window

First time we went out to eat as a married couple. Burgers and fake orange cheese nachos!

Stopped in at Saturday Market and had our picture drawn. Something we had each wanted to do forevs!

The city is already decked out in Christmas lights. Just gorgeous!

Erin channels her inner warrior next to some interesting "art."

LOL! #GeekHumor

I don't believe any words are necessary

The king lives!

Found this awesome Mr. Rodgers sweater at a second-hand store. Sadly, I did not get it.

Peace out, dude!

Looking more gangsta than chill

Channel your inner panda

And me!

Yep, looking all George Castanza on my lounge chair in World Market


No trip to the city is complete without a trip to the book store

Visiting China Town

The people here are caaa-ray!

Dinner time!

Yep, I'm gonna paste these suckers to my thighs for all time!

Did anyone get the number of that day in the city that hit us?

So the big news from the next day was we got inked! We'd been planning it for a while, so as a wedding gift to ourselves we went to Adorned for a little tattoo action.

Erin braving her way through the procedure

My bad ass lady with her new ink stain

Me with my ink stain

The family that inks together...

Afterwards we had to get bandaged up. Here we are looking all super-hero-like...ready to fight crime!

It has been an amazing adventure with my lady. Though we are really both just regular homebodies--something that I just love about us--we still manage to have fun. Erin is my best friend and I am beyond lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

In the end, it is just Erin and I, hand-in-hand

So, win or lose, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, we are partners. I am so lucky that she is gracing my life by joining hers to mine.

Check out Erin's pictorial of our our weekend!

Until later, my friends, cheers!

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  1. My husband, best friend, love, and soul mate, I am honored to be your wife and blessed beyond measure to get to spend my life with you. The journey we've been on so far has been a total trip (you keep me laughing no matter what), and I look forward to many, many, many more years of fun with you! I love you with all that I am! #Always