122 Rules by Deek Rhew

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday's Song

Today is part 2 of Erin and I's songs of the week where we share music that is special to us. This is in celebration for our up-coming nuptials. :-)

If you haven't already read about our BIG news! Stop for a few minutes and get caught up.

The run down:
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For those that don't know, Erin and I met on Twitter of all places, where we ended up in the same critique group. Since Erin is a certified Grammar Ninja I asked her to edit a short story I wrote and eventually she edited 122 Rules. We started talking in the margins of those documents and haven't stopped.

Unlike a lot of people who meet and want to get to know each other, Erin and I couldn't date traditionally. No movies. No dinner dates. No walks in the park. Nada. See, we lived on opposite sides of the country.

So what did we do? We talked. For months and months this lovely lady and I emailed and texted and phoned and FaceTimed. Her father says we "courted," which is an old-fashioned way of getting to know a person.  Honestly, getting to know Erin has been the best time of my life. Even better, I'm still getting to know her. And I will be until we are old and grey.

Then I flew out to see my southern belle. Then I flew again...and again. For a while I lived on both coasts: coming out to seeing her and teleworking from the east coast. One time, I even extended my stay because of some freaky weather we saw first in the west then in the east.

The first three are views of Erin's back yard. The last one is a viral pic of east coasters during a snow storm. I've included it just because it cracks me up every time. I expect to see the Stay Puff marshmallow man come stomping down the road. The sad thing is that here in the Pacific Northwest, the drivers are no better. It is insane in the membrane time when the snow flies here too.

Anyway, enough of the beating around the bush. My song choice for today is Lonestar's "I'm Already There." The hardest part about living on two different coasts is not the "living" part, it's the "leaving" and "waiting" parts. Those sucked. Hard. Having to leave my lady to fly back to the west was the hardest thing I had to do. Notice I didn't say fly "home." I didn't because "home" for me had become wherever Erin was.

That is still true today.

Erin is brilliant, beautiful, and my best friend. She has the kindest heart and a glowing spirit and I am beyond lucky to get to love her.

So, this song had became the representation of this parting and our reuniting. Enjoy, my friends, and be thankful for those in your life. Hug them and tell them that you love them, for they are precious.

Until tomorrow, take care!


  1. My love, I will always remember this song. I will always remember the time we danced to it on the East Coast. I will always remember the way it felt to see you again and the way it felt to watch you fly away. Thanks to this experience and these memories, I am even more grateful we get to spend our days together. I am beyond thankful to have you in my life. Waking up to your smiling face every day and going to sleep in your loving arms is one of the greatest joys I can imagine. I love you!

  2. Not having you in my life and then having to leave once I'd met you, has made me even more grateful to have found your love, Erin. Sharing my life with you has been the greatest of joys. It is almost impossible to remember a time "Before Erin." Did it exist? I don't think so. :-) I love you, sweetheart! Looking forward to spending my life with you.