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Monday, February 18, 2019

Dose of Happiness: Back in Jail...Twitter Jail!

So, I'm back in Twitter jail. Well, really this is the like being sent to the corner. Basically, when I reply to someone's tweet, like a tweet, or just tweet, no one can see it unless they look at my feed. It's something that happens to my account on a regular basis and I think it's because Twitter thinks I'm spamming.

What the what?

Yep. Last time it happened, I was tweeting a blog post. This time it happened I was also tweeting about blog post.

But guess what? I'm grateful it happened!

Again...what the what?

Yep. Because this time I was tweeting about Erin's new book, The Transhuman Project!

Follow me here: I'm in jail...or in the corner or whatever...because Erin has a great new SciFi book out and I'm so proud of her, I'm tweeting her blog tour posts. And the Twitter Skynet does not like it.

But the world still gets an awesome new book by my favorite author of all time, so, yep, totally winning!

This is Deek delivering a little dose of happiness.

Adventure on my friends!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Cholesterol Scare - Part 2: Not as Scary as We Thought?

If you haven't read my first blog post, Cholesterol Scare, where I got back my lipid profile back and was startled to find my numbers almost double the legal limit, stop in and give it a read.

Over the last six months, I've lost 32 pounds on the keto diet. During that time my migraines have all but vanished, my energy levels are way up, my body fat % has dropped a ton, and I feel great. So, all good things. Unfortunately, my blood work up wasn't what we'd hoped.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not a doctor, just a guy with Google and extra fat packets in his bloodstream. So, in this blog post, I'm going to give you the research I found that says that not only does cholesterol NOT cause heart disease. But having elevated levels may actually make you live longer and fight off cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

US and UK Translations
If you or someone you love has high cholesterol (and you're in the States), you'll want to convert your mg ratings to mmol/L that they use in the UK. A lot of the data I'm linking to is from there and almost all their reports and articles use mmol/L instead of mg. To do that use the OMNI Calculator.

Alright, you have your report from the doctor, you have it in mg and mmol/L. On with the research!

Are You a Lean Mass Hyper Responder - LMHR?
For years, I've known I'm a bit over the top. What I didn't know was that my body is too!

One of the things that Erin discovered is that there is a segment of the population that reacts differently to keto than all the rest. This subgroup is known as Lean Mass Hyper Responders. Basically, what it means is that when you get your body fat low, and you are on a high-fat diet, your cholesterol levels and LDL go through the roof.

Most people respond by a serious drop in cholesterol, but not us LMHRs! We get excited about it and want more and more! But, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Read on to see why.

Is there an inverse relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease?
Dr. ZoĆ« Harcombe--Ph.D. in Public Health Nutrition--is off the charts brilliant and working dilligently to weed fact from fiction. Check out her write up about the relationship between heart disease and cholesterol. This article explores the fascinating purpose of cholesterol in our bodies. It's in our brains, it's the mechanism that delivers energy and nutrients to every cell, and, oh yea,  we would be DEAD without it.

I honestly had zero idea about its plethora of purposes which range from digestion, to reproduction, to mental functions. She also talks about how LDL and HDL aren't actually, cholesterol at all, but proteins.

Wut? Yep. So anytime you hear or read someone that says LDL is "bad" cholesterol and HDL is "good" cholesterol, they are wrong. They're actually lipoproteins, hence:
LDL - Low Density Lipoprotein
HDL - High Density Lipoprotein
AKA: NOT cholesterol

Dr. Harcombe ran several reports from the World Health Organization database trying to find a correlation between elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular death. She actually found that the higher the level, the lower the death rate from cardiovascular episodes especially in women.

The question she poses is: Do we have cholesterol completely wrong?

Another leading researcher, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, did a massive amount of studying on the correlation--or, by his research--the lack thereof, between elevated cholesterol levels and cardiovascular death. Below you find his 30 minute presentation and I think you find it incredibly fascinating.

The long and the short of it is that the relationship between elevated levels and death are actually inverse.

Wut the wut?

Yes. According to his report, the lower your cholesterol the HIGHER your chances are of dying from a cardiovascular episode.

Wait! My doctor told me it's in my genes!
Yes. Me too. What our doctors are talking about is Familial Hypercholesterolemia or FH. Unfortunately, FH isn't nearly as common as we are lead to believe. FH is a genetic mutation and is revealed by a simple test. Usually what happens is that your doctor says you have FH because you have high cholesterol.

Maybe, but probably not. Check out Dr. Harcombe's article that reports only 1 in 500 people actually have the gene. Here's another great article by Dr. Axel Sigurdsson on FH mutation carriers.

Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Ketones, and Lipoproteins
Wow. What a mouthful. Just the sheer number of syllables in the title makes my eyes blur and my head swim. Fortunately, this article on CholesterolCode.com makes it easy to understand what each of these components are and why we need them.

Another Lean Mass Hyper Responder
Stephen Richert is a documentary adventure photographer. In 2015 he was diagnosed with very high cholesterol--his numbers are almost exactly the same as mine. But he has the added complication of having diabetes. Here's his first article in 2015 when he talks about being on keto and getting those results back.

As of 2017, he was still doing keto and still has high cholesterol numbers. However, he is no longer trying to "fix" the lipid levels. Here's his reasoning.

How do I know if I'm Healthy?
Okay, so if cholesterol levels are not necessarily the best indicators of your cardiovascular health, then what are? Unfortunately, there's nothing that's 100% guaranteed, but our research has turned up two tests that can give you a really good idea.

CIMT - Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test

CAC - coronary artery calcium scan

What's Next for Me
Now that we've ruled out thyroid, cortisol, and any other health-related causes, we've decided to switch my statin (I've been on one since I was in my early 20s). I'm changing from Lipitor to Crestor's lowest dose (half of what I was on before). I'm also modifying my keto diet slightly. Instead of staying below 50g (usually well below) of carbs a day, I'm upping it to 100g.

The extra carbs are almost all veggies and a little bit of fruit. I'm good with this since I've reached my weight goal and am switching to maintenance.

We are pretty certain that I'm a LMHR--remember I'm over the top about almost everything!--but we want to be totally sure. I know that changing two things kinda skews the results, but being on such a low dose should cut down on potential side effects if we decide to increase it.

Right now, we are going to see what happens to my levels over the next two months. It's a make a change, then wait kinda game. But I'm in it for the long haul.

Still haven't decided my feelings on the health benefits of high cholesterol. Still need to do more research--which I will share--and weigh that with the risks of more statins.

Until next time, my friends, adventure on!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Transhuman Project Review

I've had the great privilege of reading Erin Rhew's new Sci-Fi adventure, The Transhuman Project.

The Transhuman Project back blurb
When a video of Molly Richards is taken out of context and goes viral, she’s thrust into the upper echelons of social media stardom and becomes an overnight success in a country where Life Channel ratings reign supreme. As Kadar’s fastest-rising celebrity, her life becomes a media circus, a show put on for the shallow national audience salivating for the next new thing.

But in a world where image is king, danger and death hide among the shadows. In the nearby country of Pacifica, the brutal Caezar turns his citizens into robotic weapons who infiltrate Kadar as sleeper transhumans. They walk among the populace, unaware they are pawns in the madman’s personal arsenal.

Only Molly, her friends, and an elite group of Kadarian fighters known as the Cyber Knights fully understand the transhuman threat, and only they can break the Caezar's terrorist grip on both Pacifica and Kadar. Battling Fire Bots and humanoid agents, they seek to put a stop to the Caezar's tyranny by unraveling the secrets buried between layers of deception.

And they have to do it all while smiling and waving for the cameras.

As Molly and her friends peer behind the glitz and glamour, they discover something more frightening and more sinister than anything they’ve encountered yet...the truth.

Deek's Review
One of the things I love about this book is that it's so incredibly relevant. Over the last decade social media has become a huge driving force in our society. Now everyone with a Facebook page, blog, You Tube account, Twitter, or Instagram page has a voice.

And in each case, they are vying for your attention and your "likes."

Right now, social media is still somewhat passive, though, that is gradually changing. With the #MeToo and other such movements, these platforms are having more and more societal influence. So, what if we jumped ahead a hundred years in the evolution of social media? What kind of power will it hold?

That's exactly the question that Erin's book explores.

Molly Richards and crew, affectionately known as the Pentad, flee the oppressive, warmongering nation of Pacifica into the bordering country of Kadar. Kadar is an advanced, free society that is ruled by social media popularity. The Pentad had stolen the plans to Pacifica's most powerful weapon, The Transhuman Project, and given it to the Kadarians, hoping that they will be able to neutralize the threat.

Unfortunately, Kadar was not as welcoming as they'd hoped.

Not only do they hold the Pentad in captivity, but a video of Molly goes viral and suddenly she finds herself at the top of the social media ratings. She has no desire for her fandom or the attention it garners, but the unstoppable machine has been put into motion. The media specialists descend and help perpetuate their false story, in hopes of keeping her in the top spot. All the while this is happening, she and the rest of the Pentad are fighting to save Kadar from the evil leader of Pacifica, the Caezar, as he develops more sophisticated weapons in a grab for power.

What's especially intriguing about this book is that the government of Kadar is more puppet that leader. That the true power in this nation is whomever has the highest ranking spot in the Life Channel program.

Imagine if you will, the loudest, most obnoxious blowhard on Facebook, having any sort of power over the government.

Yet, this is exactly what has happened.

Filled with intrigue, mystery, self-sacrifice, unlikely heroes, action, and even a smattering of romance, Erin's new book, The Transhuman Project, will have you flipping the pages until the very end!

On a personal note, I'm incredibly proud of Erin and her amazing accomplishment. What no one knows is that this is actually the second Molly book she's written. But after years of working on it, she realized that the first one is just backstory, that the real story is in The Transhuman Project. As an author, it takes barrels and barrels of courage and gumption to throw away so much work. But that's what Erin did. She, as she always does, persevered and made the tough call. Working her behind off to deliver to you, what I think you will find to be a fascinating and exhilarating story.

The Transhuman Project releases TODAY, January 15, 2019! 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Cholesterol Scare

NOTE: I'm using my REAL numbers in this blog post. I've done hours and hours of research, and for whatever reason, no one seems to feel comfortable disclosing actual information. Needless to say, it has driven me completely apeshit to read an article that use vague words like "elevated," "moderate," and "high."

WTH do those even mean? If we don't even know what the definition of "is" is, then how can we expect people to understand "moderate?" Anyway, I'm going against the grain and probably violating a HIPPA rule or something, but I'll actually say what I mean.

Also, it should be noted, I am NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I'm just a guy with Google, some extra packets of fat in his blood, and a propensity for research. My goal is to share my research as I go along.

Knowledge is power.

Alright, with all of that said, I had a scare this holiday. I went in for my annual physical and blood workup in the middle of December. I expected great lab results and a high-five from my doctor for losing over 30 pounds (yes, 30!-Thank you Keto diet).

Unfortunately, the blood work didn't come back the way I expected. When Erin did her test, her cholesterol had dropped 20 points since she started Keto. I was hoping for something similar, but mine not only didn't drop, it increased by 149 points. My total cholesterol level as of 2 weeks ago was 349. To weed out a fluke test, I took it again yesterday.

As of this morning, my number is 375 (for my Brit friends, that 9.698 mmol/L).


Anyone that has experience with "elevated lipid levels" will know that the level of risk runs kinda all over the place. Generally speaking "high risk" is considered somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-240.

To say that this number frightens me a bit, is an understatement.

Here are my total numbers as they stand right now:

Total Cholesterol = 375mg (9.698 mmol/L)
Triglycerides = 100mg (1.129 mmol/L)
HDL = 51mg (1.32886 mmol/L)
LDL = 291mg (7.525 mmol/L)

I can practically feel the creators of HIPPA snapping their pencils in half and drooling into their pocket protectors.

This fat in the blood propensity runs in my family (both my grandfather and father have it), and I have been on a statin since I was 20. Up until just recently, that's been enough to keep it "below borderline high," aka 200ish.

So the fact that my body is up to some kind of shenanigans, even after losing 30+ pounds, didn't come as a complete surprise. I've evidently got some overzealous little fat-generating liver gnomes who are putting in some serious overtime.


That's the big question, right? Well, it could be a whole slew of things. The big ones: diet, exercise, obesity, smoking, diabetes, liver disease, thyroid, stress. Well, for now, I've scratched obesity off the list. I'm down 30+ pounds and really only need to lose a few more to be right about where I want to be.

I don't smoke, and diabetes and liver problems came back as a big negatory in my blood work.

Exercise: I lift three days a week, and Erin and I walk. A lot. I could add some high intensity cardio to my morning routine, but since I haven't done early cardio in years, I don't think that a lack thereof is the cause of this sudden flareup.

Stress: My life is certainly not without it, but who's is?! While this little episode can make one's sphincter pucker, compared to what I was experiencing stress-wise 6 years ago, my life is a walk in the park. Now my body could be like, "Um no, I just can't roll with it the way I used to." That's certainly a possibility, but this reaction seems extreme. For now, I'm going to focus on other factors but keep this one in the back of my mind.

So, that leaves a couple of possibilities: diet and thyroid.

Let's start with diet.

I've made it no secret I'm on Keto and have been very successful at it. The basis of the diet is low carb, moderate protein, and high fat. The principal behind is it is your body becomes "fat adapted." Meaning, instead of using carbs for fuel, it burns fat. Once it runs out of fat in your diet, it looks for other sources in your body.

But the concept of Keto flies directly in the face of everything I've ever known about a cholesterol conscious diet. The latter is all about low fat. To add more confusion to the whole mix, when I was first diagnosed with "elevated lipids," my doctor told me that eating cholesterol doesn't cause high cholesterol.

I've read this online in many many other times, but still, it's a difficult fact to ignore.

To argue with myself about this, I also need to point out that my diet before Keto sucked. Fried foods, carbs, so on and so on. Unfortunately, I didn't track my food before, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But my guess is that overall my fat, especially my cholesterol and saturated fat intakes, are way down now compared to the fried food life before.

Another possibility is thyroid.

There are a lot of articles I've read that there is a direct link between hypothyroidism and cholesterol levels. I don't really have many of the other symptoms of a thyroid problem, but it certainly isn't off the table.

Quick Weight Loss

The last possibility (thus far) is rapid weight loss. In someone who doesn't process cholesterol out of their blood very quickly, rapid weight loss can cause "elevated levels." (Damned vague articles. Give me real numbers!!!)

The concept behind it is that when your body breaks down fat cells, that fat gets dumped into your bloodstream. Losing 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. If you lose, say two pounds, like I did between my two cholesterol tests, that's my body dumping 7000 calories of triglycerides and fat into my bloodstream. Yowza!

Unlike other diet plans, Keto is focused on fat. I've lost a lot of weight before, but when I did it, my body stripped itself of muscle as well as fat. So, it had a nice mixture of the two to work with. But on Keto, my muscle has mostly been left alone.

So, that's where things stand right now. Erin and I are drawing up battle plans, and I'm doing research, which I will share with y'all as I find it. We will be talking to the doc when she gets back from her vacation at the beginning of the new year, so we'll see what she says.

Until then, adventure on!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Year of Love, Laughter, Victory, and Adventure!

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by, but last November I blinked and here we are almost at the end of 2018. And what an incredible year it has been! Full of love, laughter, victory, and adventure.

This past year has been a rollercoaster ride that has taken us across the country, led us to new friends, experienced new adventures, and saw victories to long, hard-fought wars. Amongst all the turmoil, my partnership, love, and friendship with my beautiful bride, Erin Rhew, has been the foundation of my world.

Side by side, we battle.
Side by side, we adventure.
Side by side, we are happy. 

So, I thought for this special occasion, I thought I give you a glimpse into our life this past year!

Best friends

Hitting the trails together!

Holiday festival!

Book tours

Lord have mercy, what a lucky man!

Wonder if we can get one of these in real?

Who doesn't want a little putt-putt on the moon?

We come in peace!

Sometimes ya gotta adult.

Sasquatch has lost his head!

At our favorite Chinese restaurant in my home town!

There HAVE to be aliens around here somewhere!

Oh, Dutch Brothers, how we love thee!

Getting a little hug on in front of the founding fathers.

Stick 'em up!

Turns out, Virginia is indeed for lovers.

Looking dapper in an R2D2 jacket.

What the heck is that?

Love on the beach
Ringing in the new year!

Getting a little neck smooch and some giggles from my gal.

I think we both pull off the bearded look quite nicely

Date night! It almost always includes a trip to our favorite coffee place (besides Dutch Brothers I mean).

Winter time smooch!

Laughing...always! :-)

I'm incredibly blessed to have such an amazing partner. Erin is the mortar that holds the foundation of my world together. When there are problems or a battle needs to be fought, I take her hand and we face it together.

When the sky is clear and the water smooth, I take her hand and we adventure together. Storm or calm, we are building memories and sharing experiences. We've been married four wonderful years now and everything that came before seems distant and hazy.

In a way it feels like we barely found each other,
but it also feels like we've been together for decades.

I wish every one of you to find your Erin. To find your happiness.

Deek and Erin Rhew

To my Erin, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for saying "yes" and for all our wonderful times together. I'm thrilled to get to spend my life with you.

To all my friends out there, laugh a lot, love a lot, and adventure on!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Amazing World of Keto

Let me begin by saying that I fell off the wagon. Yep. There was a time, not that long ago, that I lifted weights five times a week, did cardio in the mornings three times a week, and rode my bike on the weekends. I even ate almost 4,000 calories a day (Yes, 4,000!), yet I had no problems with my weight. My clothes fit, and I almost never got winded.

But shortly after Erin and I got married, I fell off the fitness wagon.

Deek Falls off the Wagon

It didn't happen all at once. One day, a pair of pants felt snug. Pretty soon they were uncomfortable, and then they were banished to the back of the closet. On to the next size up. Lather, rinse, repeat. While I didn't pack on hundreds of pounds, I put on a lot more than I was comfortable with.

Over the years, Erin and I have tried a lot of different diet plans--most of them centering around Paleo--with varying degrees of success. A few months ago, Erin suggested we try Keto.

To get up to speed on what Keto is, check out this article on HealthLine.com.

I'll admit I was skeptical at first. The idea of eating MORE fat to LOSE fat made logical sense, but emotionally, I had trouble breaking through all the junk I'd been taught about nutrition. But Erin started it, and after a couple of months, I couldn't argue with the results she was getting.

FYI: Everything we learned in the 80s and 90s about nutrition is wrong.

So for the last 149 days, I've been hitting Keto hard and could not be happier with the results. I am back in the gym, lifting three days a week, and Erin and I walk--a lot--on the weekend, and even sometimes during the week.

Back in the gym!

So far, I've lost 22 pounds and dropped my body fat percentage to 19.8%. More importantly, I fit into ALL my clothes, even the "I'm too fat to ever wear these again" clothes that got put into the closet. Even more importantly: I feel a ton better. In a few months, I'll be going into the doctor to get my blood panel done to check my cholesterol levels and all that, but from what I've read, those should be down too.

The Rhew's Diet Plan

The plan we follow is simple:

  * I lift weights 3 times a week, and Erin runs and does various forms of cardio.
  * We walk a lot on the weekends.
  * We track what we eat and ensure our macros are right.

I cannot emphasize this last bullet point enough. To be successful, I have to track everything I eat. Fortunately, that's easy. There's an app for your phone called My Fitness Pal (I use the free version). Every day I enter my food as I go. As the day progresses, I flip over to this handy little Macros page to make sure I'm in the right percentages.

There are no substitutes for having the right diet. There are pills and drinks and powders that are supposed to "put you in ketosis," but as they say, there ain't nothing like the real thing, baby. I personally don't know of anyone that's been successful with these expensive gimmicks. Maybe there are people who've really succeeded, but of those I know who've tried it, the only thing that has gotten thinner is their wallet.


According to the Keto sites, the standard ketogenic diet consists of 75% of your calories coming from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbs. Since I lift, I have a higher percentage of protein in my diet. So, I generally shoot for 60-65% fat, 30-35% protein, and 5% carbs.

Cheat Days!

To keep Erin's thyroid in check, we have one high carb (cheat meal) day a week. We follow our usual diet all day up until the late afternoon, then we walk to Starbucks--a 5 mile round trip--and treat ourselves to a higher carb coffee treat. Some of the drinks are over the moon with carbs, so we avoid those.

My skinny grande cafe mocha with whip has 26 carbs, but man after a week of no sweets, it tastes amazing. Erin seriously loves her Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato with 36 carbs.

Deek and Erin Cheat Day Coffees!

After we walk back home, we go get a pizza. Talk about tasting amazing! #NomNomNom

Dining Out

We still dine out, but granted, our choices are more limited. Most restaurants should be renamed The Carb Cafe. Fries, potatoes, chips, soda, while all delicious, are really cheap and loaded with carbs. So we opt for steak and chicken fajitas (hold the chips, tortillas, and salsa) at our favorite Mexican place.

We've also discovered that we can frequent Wendy's. Two Jr. Bacon Cheese burgers, hold the sauces and bun for Erin, and a Triple Bacon, hold the sauces and bun, for me. No fries though. :-( Subway works too, just hold the bread and the sauces.

Almost everything at any restaurant, in every possible configuration you could image, is in My Fitness Pal. So again, highly recommend it!

The Results

While Erin has reached her goal weight, Mr. Keto Holdout (that would be me) is still a couple of months away from reaching his (that's what I get for not starting when my wife did). As I said before, I can finally fit into all my clothes and am beyond pleased to feel healthy again.

But the proof is in the pudding, or in our case, the before and after pics:

Before and After

Keto may not be for everyone, but it's completely changed my life. Even after I reach my goal weight, I'm going to keep on it. My body runs so much better than it did when I was on carbs. The mid-afternoon crash is gone, and my energy is way up.

I'm totally grateful that Erin found this plan, and I'm especially grateful that we get to do it together!

Until later, my friends. Adventure on!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Writerly World

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been MIA heads down working on a new book. Well, the world still keeps on turnin', churnin', and burnin'. So what else writerly has been going on?

In July Erin and I got to be guests at Raleigh Super Con! Woop! Slacker me didn't write a blog post about it. Fortunately Erin came to the rescue (cue superhero music) and wrote about it!

Erin is my very own Supergirl!

Here are a few moments from our adventures!
I'm no dummy. Sit next to the most beautiful
woman at the con and people will flock to you!

OMG! Lady Vader not be cuter!

LOL! Erin didn't see Thor but then this gent strolled by.

Iron Man rocks!

I loved getting to meet Captain Hobbes!

Aaaaahhh! Barf! One of my favs!

This three-foot Storm Trooper might stun
you with her adorableness!

Groot and Rocket! OMG! Such amazing costumes!

The cons are awesome because you get to meet a slew of great geeks, there's tons to see and do, but mostly what I like about them is that I get to do them with my best friend. She's the one that makes all things awesome!
Hangin' with ma best friend at the con!

Erin's New SciFi and Her Company
In our long-term plans we are to become professional vagabonds and hopefully be able to support ourselves with our writing. To that goal, Erin has started an editing business, Erin Rhew Editing and Design.
Erin Rhew Editing and Design
I'm working on sharpening my content editing skillz to be part of her company. For practice--and because I REALLY wanted to get to read her newest novel--I got to be the first to read and edit her new book!

At the beginning of November, Erin sent me her recently-completed rough draft of her new SciFi, code named Molly and Ryder.
Erin's new SciFi
Code named: Molly and Ryder

Friends, y'all are in for an awesome treat. Her story of what happens when social media takes over a nation, has a riveting storyline, great characters, and a page-turning pace. I'm unbelievably proud of my bride for her brilliance and creativity. I can't wait for her fans to get their hands on it!

My New SciFi
It wasn't planned that way, but both Erin and I have been working on SciFi's at the same time. My book, The Extractor, is about a virtual reality gaming company that murders people so they can steal their memories to enhance their video games. (Dang, still need to work on the elevator pitch).

After writing myself an editorial letter (read about it!) I finally finished the first round of self-edits and am getting ready to dive into the follow-up novel, The Injector. I have the first line written (I've texted it to myself after it came to me while I was trying to fall asleep) and a vague idea of where it starts and what happens. At the end of The Extractor, Lincoln Grey, our hero, is arrested for treason and a series of murders he did not commit. He's really hoping my pantser writing style will get him out of the fix he's in. :-)

These stories explore your right to privacy and not just in the traditional sense, but when you die do others have the right to download and relive your personal memories? Does those memories become part of your estate for your family to do with as they please? What about celebrities or presidents? Would you want to relive some of the key moments in the life of Winston Churchill or JFK?

While my books explore the fight for your rights to memory privacy and piracy, Erin's story is all about people willingly giving up their privacy for ratings. Would you give up your privacy to social media--making every moment of your life available for anyone to peruse--for fame and power? Needless to say, Erin and I have had a lot of discussions about these two differing potential futures.

Also, just for fun, I put in a couple of goose eggs for my bride to find. Let's see if she can do it!

Birth to be Rebirthed in Audio
Just connected with a narrator who will begin recording and audio version of Birth of an American Gigolo at the beginning of January 2018!

Birth of an American Gigolo Goes Audio!

Out of over 100 audition clips, I got the narrator I wanted the most and am completely stoked for you to get to experience Lindsey, Dios, Angel, and Stewart! Stay tuned. Birth will be reborn in the first bit of 2018!

Three years! Insanely lucky fella!
Erin and I have been been married three years now. We do everything together--even write!--and it's more incredible than I ever imagined. I can't even begin to tell you how happy this vibrant, smexy woman makes me. What's greater than celebrating our third wedding anniversary at a Tim and Faith concert? Getting to celebrate our third anniversary AGAIN in May! Yep, I'm no fool. Marry the girl twice!

Here's to three more years and three more and three more!

Until later, my friends, adventure on!