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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gettin' the Deets from Deek

There always seems to be something going on. Each night after work and often on the weekends, Erin and I have got something great happening. What has been taking up so much time? Well, the most exciting thing is that this weekend we got to make a shopping trip.

Yep! Erin and I made a little trip this weekend!

Yes! The big day is drawing near! I am so excited I'm beside myself. Every day we fill in a new detail and each time we do it becomes more and more us. It is *possible* that Erin and I break from traditions...just a little. ;-) I can guarantee that we will post pics. I am easily the luckiest man in the universe. Erin is more than even I could have ever dared to dream possible.

So what else? Well, my lady's books The Prophecy and The Outlanders were released in ebook format on October 21! This is a re-release for The Prophecy under a new publishing company, BookFish Books, and with a new cover; and a first-time release for The Outlanders. I am proofing the The Prophecy for its print release November 15th!

The Prophecy looking like a college text book
There have been dozens of eyes that have helped proof these pages, but I am being uber-picky so the printed version is perfect. The pic above is a little glimpse behind the covers of what goes on to bring a book to print.

My lady got purple and blonde highlights to celebrate the release of her books! If you don't know why she used purple...well, you'll just have to read her books to find out!

Erin Rhew goes all purple and blonde to celebrate her book releases!

Erin and I have always been avid exercise enthusiasts but as of late we are having trouble making time. So, after having been in our house for a month...A MONTH!...we finally got our exercise equipment put together in the carriage house.

Deek Rhew getting back in shape!

Erin Rhew busting out the reps!

It totally feels great to be back at it! Though as you can see, winter is befalling and the sun is setting early. So lighting was a bit tricky.

Of course, it's almost Halloween, so Erin and I went to the local Goodwill for, oddly, lamps and a tie. While we were there we browsed costume ideas.

Deek Rhew trying out a potential costume

More deets by Deek are coming soon! Keep in touch. Also, take a few minutes to enter our contest to win!

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  1. Darlin', you are the manifestation of my greatest dream..and then some! I'm the lucky one here, and that's a fact! I can't wait for our big day! I love all the plans we've put into place. They're so "us."

    As for the rest of the post, you trip me out as usual! Gawd, I love you!