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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Update on the Rhew-in-nations Adventures

Erin and I have been busy these last couple of months! Like, completely-let's-turn-the-world-upside-down busy!

One of the biggest is that we sold our gluttonous behemoth house and moved to a 1895 Victorian rental. This place is beautiful with a ton of character, warmth, history, and no-A/C. Yeah, that is taking some getting used to, but really, does this look like a place where authors should live or what?

I came home the other day to find the gardeners working in the yard and the handyman cleaning the gutters. All part of a renter's life? Ummmm yes, please!!!

 But it is not all peace and dancing in Jamestown. Inside lurks a villain clad in steel and chrome.

This beautiful but malevolent piece of hardware (an AGA stove) is the devil of complication. There are four knobs, yes FOUR, to run the oven. Choose the wrong setting and your pizza comes out raw on the bottom and black on the top.

We still ate this. It was 1:30 in the morning and we were a bit punch drunk from unpacking. We laughed our heads off at the ridonkulously complex contraption that made this pie reach its full potential.

I'm not sure why this oven is kicking our butts so completely, but we are tenacious and will tame this beast! Whipsha!

In addition to moving, we joined the German Secret service. Hats and lederhosen are required.

My lady is a true-born southern girl and I have been preparing for her first winter in the Pacific Northwest. Here she is in her very first North Face coat.

My southern girl sporting a northern look.

Of course, with all that's going on I couldn't keep my old job. I loved my previous occupation, but the commute was hideous. So I found something a bit over five minutes from our house. Now I can go home for lunch, meet my lady for a run, and, on occasion, I find little notes on my car because someone can swing by on her way to the store.


We have been exploring our new little town where bakeries, coffee shops, and antique stores abound. My lady found something elegant to wear while in one of the antique stores. Hmmm could there be a hidden message here someplace? (Spoiler: That's already in the cards! Stay tuned! Ssshhhhhh)

Looking beautiful and elegant in formal wear!

There is more, of course!, so keep on the lookout. Stop by Erin's blog and read more about the Rhew-in-nations adventures.

For now, have a great day y'all!


  1. Oh honey, you crack me up!! We have the best time together!! I love you!

  2. We do have the best time together! I love you, my Erin!!