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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dose of Happiness: Coffee Dates!

Readers of my blog know that I'm a simple fella. As a minimalist, I don't need a lot of stuff. Things don't make you happy. Piles of gizmos, giant houses, massive quantities of anything won't put a dance in your step, nor lighten the burdens in your heart.

In fact, given time, those things will bury you.

Too much stuff!


Sure, I have my weaknesses. I'd be lost without my computer, phone, and coffee maker, but the items themselves aren't what make me happy. Simplicity and making memories are where it's at.

I've talked about Fryday--the one day a week Erin and I share a small Wendy's fry and a pizza--well, this goes hand-in-hand with Fryday: Coffee Dates!

Coffee Dates

Easily some of the most overlooked joys of life are simple times like grabbing a cup of joe down at the local coffee shop. Usually we walk to our local Starbucks--a trek that's five miles round trip. Then when we arrive, we chat it up with our favorite baristas. Every time we go in we learn a little more about them, get a little more familiar with their life stories.

For me and Erin it's more than just coffee, it's about connecting. Connecting with each other and those around us.

And of course, it's about drinking coffee, which come in all flavors and types!

Erin's favorite, Ice Cinnamon Almond Milk Caramel Macchiato

When we aren't Starbucksing, Erin will go for a Califia

Parents say, "Don't play with your food." Bah! Who can resist Starbucks in sunglasses?

Gimme your coffee and nobody gets hurt!

LOL! The baristas know me well. DOUBLE whipped cream!


Hangin' with my best friend!

In the end it's really all about hanging out with my partner, my best friend, my beautiful bride.

Deek and Erin - Brewin' Togetha!

So, go out, get some coffee--or whatever floats your boat--and make some connections!

This is Deek, with a little dose of coffee happiness!

Adventure on, my friends!

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