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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dose of Happiness: Book Happiness Part 2!

Book happiness? Didn't I just blog about that a couple weeks ago? Why, yes, yes I did.

Again and Again!

If you missed it or don't remember, check out Dose of Happiness: Book Happiness.

This week, we're talking:


122 Rules Cover Page

Sure the covers on your favorite books rock, but what about all the pages in between? Someone had to spend HOURS meticulously laying them out, finding the right fonts, the right headers, the right chapter breaks.

Oh, and let's not even get into "widows" and "orphans."

No, not those widows and orphans, I'm talking about trailing little devil lines at the end or beginning of a page.

For print book layout, we use Adobe's Indesign. Erin has always done our book layouts and is smashingly good at it, but it was time for me to take the reins. So, she used The Prophecy's template to springboard the 122 Rules set up. She did the heavy lifting of setting up the master pages, fonts, headers, so on and so on.

She also worked with our cover designer, Anita Carroll of Race Po!nt, on the dimensions, page count, and things random sounding things like "gutters" and "bleed." All of this mess requires more precision than a mission to Mars or KDP will chew your book up and spit it out.

Then it was over to me to clean up the content. Compared to all that other stuff, cleaning the content doesn't sound like a big deal. I've got this.

Okay, maybe not as much as I'd hoped.

I've worked in programs that seemed to have been designed by drunk monkeys, and while Indesign wasn't quite that bad, the tipsy primates sketching the buttons and menus were clearly feeling prankish. Within the book itself there are a TON of things that you have to get just right--not only the widows and orphans--to make a book look polished and clean.

While it took a lot longer than I thought, with Erin's guidance, I think the results speak for themselves.

122 Rules - Cover Page
122 Rules - Chapter One

122 Rules - Rule #73

122 Rules - Chapter Break

And while I messed up a bit and asked a ton of questions, my amazing bride was profoundly patient and worked with me through all of it.

Next up, we tackled the Smashwords and KDP ebook versions. Those have their own, completely set of rules. Smashwords will upload your book to places like OverDrive, B&N, and Apple IF you are in their premium catalog, but to get there takes a whole lot of work.

Fortunately, Erin knows the 128 pages (yes, 128!!!) of rules and guided me through the process. Happily, Smashwords accepted 122 on the first try!

My bride is a brilliant editor and a total pro at book design layout. She even has her own company for just this service.

As a side now, 122 Rules is now available under its new Tenacious Books Publishing home!

I'm incredibly lucky to have such a talented, patient bride who's willing to help me learn the ropes. 

Erin is a total pro all the way!

This is Deek with another Dose of Happiness!

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