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Friday, March 1, 2019

Beachin' It - Homework for Redemption

I love writing, but there are times when I love it even more. For instance, when I have to go to the beach for some "homework."

Check that out! You can practically hear the waves crashing and the seagulls squawking. Smell the brine and salt air and feel the sand beneath your bare feet.

The beach is homeopathic therapy. Being there is like one long, happy meditation session while someone rubs your shoulders, scratches your back, and feeds you pizza.

When I'm at the coast, the stress magically melts away and the worries and chaos of the world fade to insignificance. And when I'm there with my bride and best friend...oy! What worries? We have problems back in the "real" world?

Well, this last trip wasn't just about fun and games though. I was there for some hardcore book research to help me edit 122 Rules Redemption. Time to get serious.

Project: Get into Max's head

Max Fayle is one of my favorite characters. He's a die hard boardhead who lives and breathes surf. At his shop, The Board Wake - Epic Fayle Designs, in the jewel of the Pacific--Alabaster Cove, California--he makes custom surfing gear.

In the story, he's minding his own business when he has a run-in with a certain serial killer, Tyron Erebus. While he deals with the murdering psychopath better than most, he's got a lot of other scenes where Max is just being...well, Max. But during this last round of edits I felt like I was having trouble getting into his beachy head.

Erin, being the wonderful, understanding woman that she is, agreed to a beach trip to help!

Starting to feel it...

Feeling it even more...
While it looks like we are right on the ocean, our hotel upgraded us for free. So UP we went! This was taken from our hotel room on the 31st floor.

While the view over the ocean rocks, I highly recommend refraining from looking straight down. It's a REALLY long way.

While we spent a ton of time on the sand, we did spend a bit of time in the local shops. Look! I've got abs of steel!

Check out some of the rather odd wildlife that
thrives on the east coast

I'm happy to report Project: Get into Max's Head was a complete and utter success! I was feeling the call of the waves by the time we left and I was even able to get in a little editing time from the balcony of our hotel.

Did I mention it was on the 31st floor?

Best of all, I got to spend the weekend with my bride!

Erin and Deek, Beachin' It!

When going to the beach I HIGHLY recommend you go with your best friend too. There's no one Earth I'd rather spend my time with. Erin makes every day fun. She makes every day an adventure. She makes every day fulfilling.

She makes my life.

!Reader Alert!

Readers of 122 Rules: Keep your eyes peeled. We will be republishing 122 Rules under the Tenacious Jaguar at the end of March! 
Tenacious Books - The Soon-To-Be New Home of 122 Rules!

To go along with it's brand new home, it'll have a brand new cover. Anita from Race Point, is blending and editing and pasting and graphing and whatever else graphic artists do, to bring you super cool new design. I'm totally stoked. I think you're gonna love it. There's a reason we say #AnitaIsAmazing!

Also coming soon, the long-awaited sequel, 122 Rules - Redemption!

Join Angel, Monica, and Sam as they take on Tyron Erebus as he wreaks havoc on Alabaster Cove. Also making a cameo appearance is Dios from Birth of an American Gigolo!

Stay tuned for updates!

That's it for now my friends.

Adventure on!

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