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Monday, February 18, 2019

Dose of Happiness: Back in Jail...Twitter Jail!

So, I'm back in Twitter jail. Well, really this is the like being sent to the corner. Basically, when I reply to someone's tweet, like a tweet, or just tweet, no one can see it unless they look at my feed. It's something that happens to my account on a regular basis and I think it's because Twitter thinks I'm spamming.

What the what?

Yep. Last time it happened, I was tweeting a blog post. This time it happened I was also tweeting about blog post.

But guess what? I'm grateful it happened!

Again...what the what?

Yep. Because this time I was tweeting about Erin's new book, The Transhuman Project!

Follow me here: I'm in jail...or in the corner or whatever...because Erin has a great new SciFi book out and I'm so proud of her, I'm tweeting her blog tour posts. And the Twitter Skynet does not like it.

But the world still gets an awesome new book by my favorite author of all time, so, yep, totally winning!

This is Deek delivering a little dose of happiness.

Adventure on my friends!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry you got in trouble, lover, but I'm ever so grateful for the support! You're the best hubby ever!