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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Writerly World

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been MIA heads down working on a new book. Well, the world still keeps on turnin', churnin', and burnin'. So what else writerly has been going on?

In July Erin and I got to be guests at Raleigh Super Con! Woop! Slacker me didn't write a blog post about it. Fortunately Erin came to the rescue (cue superhero music) and wrote about it!

Erin is my very own Supergirl!

Here are a few moments from our adventures!
I'm no dummy. Sit next to the most beautiful
woman at the con and people will flock to you!

OMG! Lady Vader not be cuter!

LOL! Erin didn't see Thor but then this gent strolled by.

Iron Man rocks!

I loved getting to meet Captain Hobbes!

Aaaaahhh! Barf! One of my favs!

This three-foot Storm Trooper might stun
you with her adorableness!

Groot and Rocket! OMG! Such amazing costumes!

The cons are awesome because you get to meet a slew of great geeks, there's tons to see and do, but mostly what I like about them is that I get to do them with my best friend. She's the one that makes all things awesome!
Hangin' with ma best friend at the con!

Erin's New SciFi and Her Company
In our long-term plans we are to become professional vagabonds and hopefully be able to support ourselves with our writing. To that goal, Erin has started an editing business, Erin Rhew Editing and Design.
Erin Rhew Editing and Design
I'm working on sharpening my content editing skillz to be part of her company. For practice--and because I REALLY wanted to get to read her newest novel--I got to be the first to read and edit her new book!

At the beginning of November, Erin sent me her recently-completed rough draft of her new SciFi, code named Molly and Ryder.
Erin's new SciFi
Code named: Molly and Ryder

Friends, y'all are in for an awesome treat. Her story of what happens when social media takes over a nation, has a riveting storyline, great characters, and a page-turning pace. I'm unbelievably proud of my bride for her brilliance and creativity. I can't wait for her fans to get their hands on it!

My New SciFi
It wasn't planned that way, but both Erin and I have been working on SciFi's at the same time. My book, The Extractor, is about a virtual reality gaming company that murders people so they can steal their memories to enhance their video games. (Dang, still need to work on the elevator pitch).

After writing myself an editorial letter (read about it!) I finally finished the first round of self-edits and am getting ready to dive into the follow-up novel, The Injector. I have the first line written (I've texted it to myself after it came to me while I was trying to fall asleep) and a vague idea of where it starts and what happens. At the end of The Extractor, Lincoln Grey, our hero, is arrested for treason and a series of murders he did not commit. He's really hoping my pantser writing style will get him out of the fix he's in. :-)

These stories explore your right to privacy and not just in the traditional sense, but when you die do others have the right to download and relive your personal memories? Does those memories become part of your estate for your family to do with as they please? What about celebrities or presidents? Would you want to relive some of the key moments in the life of Winston Churchill or JFK?

While my books explore the fight for your rights to memory privacy and piracy, Erin's story is all about people willingly giving up their privacy for ratings. Would you give up your privacy to social media--making every moment of your life available for anyone to peruse--for fame and power? Needless to say, Erin and I have had a lot of discussions about these two differing potential futures.

Also, just for fun, I put in a couple of goose eggs for my bride to find. Let's see if she can do it!

Birth to be Rebirthed in Audio
Just connected with a narrator who will begin recording and audio version of Birth of an American Gigolo at the beginning of January 2018!

Birth of an American Gigolo Goes Audio!

Out of over 100 audition clips, I got the narrator I wanted the most and am completely stoked for you to get to experience Lindsey, Dios, Angel, and Stewart! Stay tuned. Birth will be reborn in the first bit of 2018!

Three years! Insanely lucky fella!
Erin and I have been been married three years now. We do everything together--even write!--and it's more incredible than I ever imagined. I can't even begin to tell you how happy this vibrant, smexy woman makes me. What's greater than celebrating our third wedding anniversary at a Tim and Faith concert? Getting to celebrate our third anniversary AGAIN in May! Yep, I'm no fool. Marry the girl twice!

Here's to three more years and three more and three more!

Until later, my friends, adventure on!

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  1. Lover, I am so proud of you and your hard work! The world sure has a treat in store when they read The Extractor and The Injector, as well as the sequels to 122!

    Boy do I love doing life with you. From comiccons to concerts to sitting at home in our pajamas, I cherish every second! Yes, my love, here's the three more and three more and three more...#always.