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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Muse Is Back

So yesterday I posted about being on the brink of a hill on my roller coaster and not being able to see what is ahead. This has been keeping me awake and a constant layer of acid in my stomach. I can be kind of a control freak I know, and want to see what's coming. Maybe to prepare myself, don't know. Well, I should have known that my muse would not let me down.

Part of my stress was that I thought the story was going one way when that wasn't the way he--yes, my muse is a guy--was planning. This discord, this second minor chord, was the source of my anxiety. I just needed to stop worrying about it and let my guy lead the way. Last night when I was showering, some of my best thinking happens when hot water is cascading over my head for whatever reason, I realized that I was wrong. In my head my character gets on a plane and flies off to parts unknown. Didn't know where, who he was going when he got there or before, or any of that. My muse let me in on part of his grand plan while I was thinking about something completely different.

The thing was laid out so nice and neat, and he handed it to me like a perfectly wrapped present at Christmas, complete with bow and ribbon. It was enough that I jotted down some notes and was able to sleep like I hadn't been able to do in days.

Did I say I was nervous about this writing session? Jeez, what a dork. We went over the precipice of my roller coaster and flew down the other side. Between two sessions today over 4500 words spewed out and I got to meet one of the most interesting characters ever. Holy crap, this dude is funny. The shit he says. Oy.

The first part was at the airport, when that went okay, was I able to relax and be happy that everything went beyond great? Nope. Of course not. I fretted most of the day about, well, what happens next? These two characters, the one from my first book and this new one, start to talk and they are gelling and I think they are going to be hell good friends. The new character is hilarious and just fun, and his personality seems to fit my established one like a couple of puzzle pieces.

I just need to sit back and let my muse do his work and I'll be the transcriber for the story he has found in the ground. It's all there. It's just a matter of trust.

Carry on.

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