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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Getting Your Book on Kindle and Nook - Tool for the DIYers

I have been investigating apps to convert my Word document to something besides PDF my eReader can view. Found this free tool, so thought I'd share it.

I use Google docs and Word 2013 and had to save each in a Word 2007 format to get it to work (File->Save As and from the menu choose Word 2003). Once I did that the tool worked pretty well and was super simple to use. Can't say I'd self-publish the result, though admittedly I'm a bit of perfectionist, and maybe with some tweaking it could be, but for the ten minutes I spent it made a very decent eReader version.

The format it creates is ePub which supposedly is view-able on any eReader, though so far I've only tried it on my Nook and in the Overdrive app on my laptop.

The tool is by Aspose and as far as I can tell there are no limitations on it. It doesn't watermark your document, nor does it prompt you to "upgrade" to get the "full" version. You can download it here.

Editing this on 04/18/2013 because I just found a post by the unsinkable Molly Greene about editing on your Kindle. She uses a tool called Calibre to convert documents to a Kindle-editable format. View her blog Best Editing Tip Ever #2 - Mobi Files!.

One thing she talks about is proofing on your reader as one of the most effective ways of finding problems with your manuscript that are almost impossible to see when in Word format. It's totally crazy, but it's true. I have read my script 100's of times, but when I took it for a spin on my Nook I found glaring problems that a could have been caught by a kindergartner. Misspellings, bad grammar, plot holes, you name it. If you have an eReader, and I highly recommend getting one, they are worth their weight in paper.

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