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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Create an Audiobook - Part 4

Welcome back! This is the final installment of my How to Create an Audiobook series. If you haven't already reviewed the previous posts, check them out:
 * Part 1
 * Part 2
 * Part 3

By now, you have recorded your first chapter. Woop! Congrats! Let's see if we can make it even more interesting by adding in a bit of intro music. There are several places to get free clips you can use, but some of my favorites are:
  * Sound Bible
  * Zap Splat
  * Free Stock Music

Make sure your clip isn't more than 7-10 seconds long. This is an audiobook, not a musical. Once you've found your intro, create a new track.

For the Input type, choose No Input and click Create.

From Finder, drag your file to the new track.
My file is called Intro-Wind-Mark (see the image).

Replicate the Chapter 1 track and create an introduction for your book. All that will go into the introduction is the name of the book and your name.

Here are the first few paragraphs from Norman and the Demon complete with intro.

I didn't have a lot of time to create this chapter and when I go to make the final version, I'll do a couple of things differently. First, notice there's a lot of popping. This is because I'm too close to the microphone. Next time, I'll move it away a bit. Also, there are a couple of times I munged words. When this happens, pause, and reread. The munged words can be edited out.

Nothing quite like examples of what not to do! :-)

Okay, intro, music, and chapter 1 complete. Time to upload!

ACX manages the audio content that is sold on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

Create an ACX account:
Go to www.ACX.com and enter your name or ISBN into their search bar:

 With a little luck, they'll find your books:

Choose your book and click This is My Book, then click I already have audio files for this book, and I want to sell it.

You will be prompted to log into Amazon. After that, complete the ACX registration. I was prompted to choose my book again, and I had to re-choose I already have audio files. Select your distribution preferences.

After that the site walks you through uploading your book.

Congrats, my friends! You now have a published audiobook!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

Adventure on,


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