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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ye Olde Colonial Williamsburg

This weekend, Erin and I took a weekend off from the cray of everyday life and headed back in time to Colonial Williamsburg.

I LOVE American history. In Oregon, every kid gets to visit Oregon City and the End of the Oregon Trail, walk along part of the trail of Lewis and Clark, see the house of Dr. John McLoughlin, and visit Fort Vancouver just across the Columbia river in Washington. Though these are amazing landmarks and feats of human endurance and tenacity, it all started on the east coast. In school we studied Washington DC, Jamestown, the home of Martha and George Washington, Kitty Hawk, NC, and the original colonies, but didn't actually get to see any of these historical landmarks. Fortunately, Erin has is willing to go and visit, or in some instances, re-visit these landmarks.

Also, suddenly everything became Ye Olde xxx. For instance Ye Olde Convenience Store, Ye Olde Starbucks, Ye Olde Hotel, Ye Olde Rider Truck, so on. Fortunately, Erin rolled with my cray and laughed along with me. Is she amazing or what?

Take a pictorial tour of one of the oldest cities in the United States!

All good adventures begin with coffee. :-)

Headed out for a weekend of fun! 
Scored some 'bucks to go too.

We ate at Shields, the oldest tavern in Colonial Williamsburg (est. 1745). The tables were lit by candles and the employees all dressed in costume. We got lucky. On the night we went, a 1700's cover band played hit songs of the times.
Live Cover Band at the Shields Tavern

We stayed in the Williamsburg Lodge. Great rooms, good service, jazz club, and a colonial feel.
I don't smoke cigars, so held my banana for an Rico Suave moment

 Harkening back to our roots in the Game of Thrones, Erin is the Mother of Dragons.
My beautiful bride, the Mother of Dragons

We strolled the majestic halls of the oldest school building in the country. William and Mary was chartered in 1693 by King William II and Queen Mary II. The only older school in the country is Harvard.
William and Mary School room

This is a life-sized painting of Queen Mary. How they could create such regal buildings back in the 1600's is beyond me.
William and Mary School room from the other direction

Getting a little smooch in before we head out. #LuckyFella


Exploring the grounds at the hotel, found this gorgeous woman among the lights

Fire! Fire!

When the king's representative visited, he needed a place to hang. So they built him a small cottage in the country.
Evidently it pays well to be the king's representative

Because every hotel needs a crest

We dined at the oldest tavern in Williamsburg: Shields Tavern Established 1745!

OMG! My gorgeous date!

The Shields didn't even having working lights

The school is open for wanderers and explorers such as ourselves. Erin and I found a debate room. Erin is holding court.
Leading the class, Erin Rhew!

Class clown!

Debate Hall at William and Mary

 Time to hold a meeting of the council. Ms. Rhew, presiding.
Head of the GoT table

When Ms. Rhew is not available, the Hand of the Queen will step in.
Hand of the queen

Crest in the Chapel

LOL! Always a few minutes to goof off.

I think I was totally surprised by how much I dug the Scottish wear in this store. Normally I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, but there were great shirts and jackets I totally dug. Sorry, no matter how much my Scottish roots call to me, I can't do the kilt thang. I think most of the world is grateful I don't try and pull this off.
Found a place that speaks to my Scottish roots
 Erin's Irish roots are calling!
Erin Go Bragh!

What tour of a colonial town would be complete without a tour in a carriage?
Erin and I tour the grounds in a vintage carriage

This was so incredibly funny, just couldn't pass up snapping a pic.
If Michael Jackson and Gus Rhew had a love child...

Aw dang. We got busted!

Partner in crime

Seriously busted now!

George Washington married the richest widow in town! Martha was not lacking for luxury.
Martha Washington's House

 Wut the wut? This is where they held Blackbeard's men before finding them guilty and hanging them!
The jail where they held Blackbeard's men

Nope. Not getting out of there!

This is like they have in Vikings. Great defense!
 This gorgeous tree was a common meeting place for the town.
Community Tree

My beautiful bride at the community tree

Defend the City!
Load the cannons!

We can take 'em!

Posing dramatically at the entrance to the castle.

Erin Rhew on the castle grounds

Deek Rhew on the castle grounds

Deek and Erin Rhew

King represent!

Look at the little white streak in the sky. That's a jet. Here you have two things built almost 300 years apart, yet together.
Notice the 20th century plane in the sky above the 17th century castle

Erin and I ran across this love tree while exploring the grounds of William and Mary.
Deek and Erin by the Love Tree
There's this amazing little bridge on the back side of William and Mary. The legend goes: If you walk across the bridge hand-in-hand, you will be together forever. If, for any reason, you split up. You have to walk back across the bridge in the opposite direction, then whomever is wronged (assuming that one of the two people in the relationship screwed up), gets to throw the other into the river.
Deek and Erin creating a heart
Erin found this amazing bridge by William and Mary

Found this moment at the school to a soldier Todd William Weaver. The freedoms we enjoy did not come free.
Price of freedom

I'm so lucky to have gotten a chance to go back in time and visit one of the places where our country started. And I'm blessed to have gotten to do it with my best friend and soulmate. Erin made the trip, as she does all things, fun and memorable. There's nothing like spending the weekend 300 years ago with your best friend.

Now, I've got a story knocking on my forehead, trying to get out!

Take care peeps and adventure on!


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