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Monday, November 7, 2016

Two Years!

It's incredible to believe that our second wedding anniversary is here. Two years ago, Erin and I got married, and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. It's one of those things that feels like it was just yesterday, but at the same time I don't really remember it being different.

I pulled pictures to see what happened over the year and it's a little overwhelming. We've done big things like, move across the country, visit Mt. St. Helens and the Redwoods, and tackle Portland, but really the best thing about my life with Erin are the small moments. Last year I use the song Seasons of Love where they sing about measuring the year in a life. This last year I was given five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes of joy with my bride and I wouldn't give up a single one of them. Each of these moments is precious and priceless to me.

Recently I started following another husband / wife duo on Twitter. The Springs are country music singers and I totally love them. When I told them how much I enjoyed their music and admired that they did it together, they replied:
that's too awesome!!! It's great getting to do what you love with your spouse.

Seriously, it's the truth. I love getting to do everything with my bride. So crank up the awesome music of The Spring and journey with us through a great year.

Erin and I hit Portland and, of course, HAVE to go to the largest bookstore in the city!

My bride and I taking MAX, Portland's street car system.

Showing our ink!
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Here's my treasure!

Our rainbow!
Hubba! Hubba! I do enjoy it when Erin wears a hat!

We birthed Birth!

Stunning. Just stunning.

Eee. Poo. Wee. Wah.
Oop. Oop. Oop.

Beautiful city lights over the water.

Gorgeous Christmas decorations!
You are getting sleeeeeeepy!

Incredibly lucky fella!

Happiness even in the middle of winter.


Very Portland thing to do.
Got our coffee waiting for the tree lighting.
Tree lighting!

Erin took me to my very first Blazers game!
Got our rookie pins!

Little smoochin' in the winter.

Happy happy, New Year!
Trinna says meow!

My bride loves her some Shakespeare!

This is the way most of our pictures look. LOL!

Got my Birth cup. #BirthSelfie Sssshhhhhh

Our Christmas ornament. Perfect!

Even if you're not in the market for a new lounge,
sometimes you just want to kick the tires.


Walking around, checking out the Christmas lights!

My bride put notes all over our room for my birthday.
Seriously! Luckiest man EVER!!!

Erin and Deek at a book signing!

I was seriously enthralled by these crazy mannequins.

Erin is the sweetest person that has ever lived.
She even stops by my work with a little pick-me-up when I am really tired.

Yes, please!

Deek and Erin checking out the lights of Peacock Lane.

Date night!

Cease ye approach!
I said halt!

Erin and I made this happen. My first self-pubbed book.

Erin and Deek enjoying a little snowfall.

Erin never ceases to crack me up!

It could say: Erin Rhew - A true romantic... Still trying to decide on a hair color.

Deek steals a little smooch in Ft. Vancouver.

It's not the size of the cannon, but how you use it.

My snow bunny!
Even in the freezing cold--which she does NOT enjoy--
Erin still manages to have fun!

We made this happen: Gave birth to Birth

Ohhhh aaaaaa.....

Hubba! Hubba! What a good looking woman!

On our trip to the Wildlife Safari, we had a little visitor and Erin
managed to capture this image.

What a lucky fella!

We *might* have made some memes out of Trinna pics.

Awesome #BirthSelfie

Erin and Deek visit the smallest park in the country

Erin and Deek hanging out with some friends.

Enjoying the beautiful day together

Erin and I made this happen!

Happy birthday, my love!

Erin and Deek visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Erin and Deek, keeping Portland weird

Erin and Deek visiting the beautiful--but COLD--PNW beaches!
Yep, we visited the beach where Goonies was shot.

Chillin', waiting for dinner.

We got our book tats!
Erin's Prophecy tat is spectacular!

Hanging at our favorite Chinese restaurant, getting our fav: Szechuan Beef.

Erin and Deek visiting the big man himself:
Paul Bunyan
Ever want to feel small, visit the largest, oldest living
things on Earth.

Of course living in Oregon, we got to meet some local

Stealing a smooth in the Cathedral Trees!
And on the gondola! 

Dude, these trees are TALL!

Eeep! In the Goonies jail line up.
Headed to the county jail

Things didn't go well with the judge.

Erin and Deek get their favorite coffee!

Erin and Deek at Mt. St. Helens!

Deek and Erin at the Portland Timbers game

Erin and Deek in eastern Oregon as they head to their new home.
Rocking it across the country!

Stealing another smooch. Notice a theme?

Made it to the South just in time for the 4th of July!

Visiting South of the Border!

Chillaxin' by the pool.

Time for fun!

Stick 'em up!

Yes! The new Star Trek movie rocked!

:-) :-) :-)

Mugging for the camera!

Ziplining adventure

Simple pleasures with a beautiful woman.

Deek and Erin at Comic Con!

Just us being us!
Deek and Erin...forever!

Erin and I talked about what we wanted for our anniversary and we each agreed that what we wanted more than anything was another year together. Then another and another. Erin is my best friend, my partner, and my lover. I don't know what I did right that the Fates blessed me to have her in my life, but I'm so beyond grateful that they did.

Thank you for going on this little journey with us. Also, Erin's written her blog to celebrate our day. Check it out!

Until later, peeps. I wish you love and happiness. Adventure on!

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  1. My love, you bring tears to my eyes. As you know, I tend to listen to the same songs over and over, but I'm glad you venture out and try new ones. And you found quite a gem in "Loving You" by The Springs Band. It's true, darlin'. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to love you! Every day IS like Christmas to a child.

    I love looking at this pictures of us and remembering all the wonderful moments we've shared. Big and small, I cherish every single one because you were there with me.

    I love you beyond beyond, my Deek! Happy Anniversary!! <3