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Friday, September 23, 2016

Time, Time, Time.

At work today we had a class ironically titled "Time Management." The reason why it's ironic is because we discussed the importance of keeping yourself organized and on-task, not drifting from the topic of conversation, starting and stopping meetings on time, yet, the class:

  A) Started late
  B) Ran late

I kid you not. Maybe I missed something, with me that's always possible.

The gentleman who taught it was entertaining, charming, and funny, but he admitted he was not an expert in time management. In fact, he told us he googled some articles to learn about it so he could teach the subject. So in his defense, he really didn't know much about it either.

So, why am I spending my time writing about a class that kinda missed the mark? Well, because there's an age old question begging to be answered:

What's more valuable, time or money?

For me that's a no-brainer. Easily time is far more valuable. Time is the one thing that you can never get back. In fact, for working joes such as myself, money is simply a representation of time you spend doing something for someone else. To waste money, to throw it away on stuff that simply isn't important, is to throw away your time. Rather it be an hour's worth of wages or a week's worth is irrelevant. These are minutes, hours, weeks, months of your life you will NEVER get back.

It's even worse if you waste someone else's money. Blowing through cash earned by a spouse, parent,
or friend is to say that you not only don't appreciate their time, but you don't care if you waste part of their lives.

You can win the lottery, but your prize is always cash, never six months of life. If it were, I'd enter all the time.

Fortunately, Erin is mastro with budgeting and is very careful with our finances. We don't have much stuff and, really, we don't want much. We are hardcore Dave Ramsey fans, using the cash system and paying off our small credit card every month. Anyone that says they "budget" on credit cards has no idea how to manage money. None.

I'm beyond lucky that Erin and I agree on our priorities. Like me, she values time above all. We spend all the time we have available together. I want to be with her whenever I can. She's my partner, my best friend, and the love of my life. We laugh together, talk, and hold each other, which to me is far more valuable than anything else on Earth. I'm a music lover, and her laughter my favorite song.

Deek and Erin on Adventure!

Deek and Erin Chillaxin' by the pool

We've chosen to live simply so we have more time. We rent an apartment that has everything we need including a high tech gym and 24/7 Starbucks. Really! It's so awesome. We walk in the evenings. Adventure and write on the weekends. Doing what we fancy. I couldn't ask for a better life or a better partner.

So there you go. The simple answer to the age old question.

Leave your thoughts, especially if you disagree. I'm always up for a great conversation.

Until next time, adventure on!

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Deek Rhew is a transplant from a rainy pocket in the Pacific Northwest, Deek now lives in a sultry corner of the US of A where the sun shines bright, the sweet tea flows, and the hush puppies are hot and delicious.

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  1. Hi Deek,

    I work in finance by day and I can definitely agree about credit cards. They are a giant pitfall when you see people who owe more than $20k on them and you know the interest rate will never allow them to pay it off unless they fall in to some money by force of luck. If you don't live outside of your means, then you shouldn't have any trouble getting along in life.

    We all have a tendency to waste our time by doing stupid things like playing on social media -- etc. I have culled all social media right down to Twitter being the one that's left for this reason -- and smart phones are probably the worst and becomes sometimes contentious in my relationship -- but we have strict "couple time" which requires all technology to be elsewhere...

    I use this little silly conversation in my head when I am wasting time:

    "When you die is everyone gonna say, 'oh wow, Jess had a top score on candy crush!, she was so friggin' talented!"
    The answer is no, obviously.... so I focus on doing things that will stand out and focus on me being a better person and a better partner. etc.

    1. Hey, Jess! Right? Even after all the law changes, credit card companies have it set up so you can never actually pay your card off. There are new tricks too such as moving your due date around that make it even more challenging to pay on time.

      I totally here ya, social media can be a huge time-waster. I LOVE that you have strict "couple time" where everything is turned off! Inevitably when Erin and I go out to eat, there's always "that table" where one or both people stare at their phone the entire meal while the other person stares off into space. It's really sad. Sounds like you have this thang wrangled!
      Have a great day!

  2. Honey, I am on board with everything you said. It's all about time, and I want to spend every second I can with you. I've already decided one lifetime isn't enough for me to be with you, so we better find a way to get more time. How does forever and then some sound? I adore you more than words could ever express!

    1. Oh, my love! I completely adore that you and I see exactly eye-to-eye on this topic. Nope, one lifetime isn't nearly enough! Forever, sounds...perfect!