122 Rules by Deek Rhew

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Name the Character Contest!

Yesterday evening I got my first batch of edits, from my first publisher, on my first book. Yep, yesterday was all kindsa firsts!

Erin and I worked through and made notes on the editorial document and reviewed the comments in the manuscript itself. We both love the recommendations made by my editor and I'm very excited to get to sharpen my digital pencil and put digital ink to digital paper.

One of the problems I need to fix is that two of my characters have similar names.

The list of 122's peeps is:
  * Sam
  * Monica
  * Angel
  * Chet
  * Laven
  * Tyron
  * Josha

A secondary character that shows up for a couple of chapters is a sweet, middle-aged, waitress, that meets an untimely demise. I like her, but she has a problem: her name is Loren which is too close to Laven. Laven is here to stay, but Loren needs a new name.

This is where y'all come in! YOU get the chance to name the character and--provided my publisher has no problem with it--get your name in the acknowledgements. It isn't exactly immortality or having your name etched in granite or written in the clouds by a crazed biplane, but still pretty cool. :-)

Here's how this works:
   1) Like my Facebook page
   2) Like my lady and fellow author, Erin Rhew's, Facebook page
   3) Follow me on Twitter
   4) Follow Erin on Twitter
   5) Leave your name suggestion in the comments below or comment on my Facebook page. Loren only need a new FIRST name.

That's it!!

I'll pick the one I like best and post it back to the blog in a couple of weeks. Keep in mind she meets a very unfortunate end, so if you want me to use your name, keep that in mind.

Help give Loren a new identity! Ready? Set? Go!!


  1. I think Christine is an AWESOME name...just sayin ;)

  2. Coral, it means small stone in Latin. Since she has a small part I thought it an appropriate name for her ☺

  3. I didn't have any trouble with confusing that character's name. Then again, I'm not an editor. And I wrote an epic fantasy with hundreds of names so I'[m sure to hear about that when it goes through edits. Lots of minor characters. Anyway, I'd just call her Lori.

    1. ROFL! I didn't think I had an issues either, then Anya pointed out that the middle name of my main character and the first name of this waitress are only off my one letter. So evidently I have a pattern I didn't even know about. Sadly, I have many patterns that I needed to fix and were woefully unawares. Thanks for the suggestion. Her name wound up being Coral, as suggested by one of my blogging friends. Got my edits back to Panda a couple days ago, so we'll see what else Anya can find. :-) Good luck on yours, my friend. It's a stressful/wonderful process.